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State Forests and Pennsylvania Parks regulations:

Pennsylvania State Parks and State Forests (DCNR) For Pennsylvania, caches in State Parks and State Forests must have a permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Information about their geocaching policy can be found at http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/geocaching.aspx .

Here are the easy steps for the Pennsylvania permit process:

  1. Scout your location and mark your waypoint(s) for the cache hiding place(s). Consider contacting the DCNR office in advance... they may suggest good hiding places, and tell you about areas to steer away from.
  2. Set up your cache page on Geocaching.com, and submit it for approval, but say in the "Note to Reviewer" field: "PLEASE HOLD.... approval from DCNR is pending." This lets your reviewer (or another reviewer) know to hold your cache in the review queue until the permit is obtained. Your reviewer will look at your cache and let you know right away if they have any questions other than your permit.
  3. Fill out the Geocache Identification form (found at the DCNR website linked above), including the URL for your cache page, its GC number, the coordinates for your cache, etc.
  4. Visit the Park or Forestry office and submit your form. Your cache is then reviewed by the ranger or forester, which may or may not happen right then, depending on whether you've contacted them in advance.
  5. You'll be advised when your cache is approved. Sign the Geocaching Agreement provided to you at the Park or Forestry Office. They'll also give you a FREE green sticker to put on your cache container.
  6. Place your cache as described in your permit.
  7. Contact your local GC.com reviwer and let them know that your permit was obtained. Your cache will then follow the normal review process, assuming it meets all other guidelines.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Use the "placed with permission" logo, approved by DCNR, on your cache page. The html that you should copy and paste into your cache description is < img src="http://img.groundspeak.com/user/124791_400.jpg">