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Lonesome Cache challenge

Ok, the Lonesome Cache challenge is simple. Check this bulletin board for the most recent listing of Lonesome caches, and go out and find one of them.

What is a Lonesome cache? A Lonesome cache is one of 3 caches within 50 miles of the Joe Paterno Statue outside Beaver Stadium, that has gone the longest time without having a find logged online. Occasionally, there may be more than 3 caches, if there's a tie for the third spot on the list.

Who can participate? Well, essentially anyone. However, if you've already found one of the caches on the list, you're not eligible for that particular cache. The find must be a NEW find. Only the first person to log a particular cache on the list gets the honors, so be sure to log your find and post here promptly.

OK, I've found one, now what? Log your find online, then go to the bulletin board and post a note in the current thread letting us know which cache you've found, and if you wish, a story about your adventure.

***** FlightAttendant/Av8tors32 are the first to complete our first lonesome cache quest. They found Nature Box on Sept. 7th 2006. Congrats to you both!

***** 2 Guys Named Moe(Moe 1)/HolyCowboys found Serenity on November 12th 2006. Boy are they quick...the cache was only lonesome for a day!

***** George1 has been quite busy the past month. He has found three lonesome caches putting himself far ahead of everyone on the lonesome cache quest. Way to go George1.
Two Towers
Boundary Dispute Cache

***** Scoff and tird21 have captured the latest and first lonesome cache for 2007. They both found You've Been Flamingoed on January 16th 2007. Congrats to you both!

***** Scoff and tird21 quickly found another. They both found Peaceful Rest on January 17th 2007. Congrats again to you both!

***** e-r-h found Bob's Biking Bonanza on July 22nd 2007. Congrats on the find!

***** merchlinskys found Race Ya to the Top!! on July 28th 2007. Congrats on the find!

***** Fireguy15 found Peaceful Rest on August 26th 2007. Congrats on the find!