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Featured Cacher(s): Two Guys Named Moe

What does your geocaching name mean?
If you weren't such a chowder head you would know what it means. Seriously it means we both think we are in charge. For the full story see our profile page.

What do you do when you're not geocaching?
One thing that could pull us away from geocaching is skiing.

How did you get involved with geocaching?
Lisa of Lisa&Sage introduced geocaching to Moe 1. Moe 1 recruited Moe 2.

First cache, and what it was like?
Moe 1's first cache was Barber's Junction. Our first cache together was Circleville Farm. We even found a coin in it! Every find is an exciting one for 2 Guys Named Moe!

Favorite Cache, and why?
Moe 1's favorite is Hill Climber (GCR5CR) because the hike and views are great! Moe 2's favorite cache is WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? (GC559C) because Mr. Rodgers was the only one who could keep Moe 2 calm. Both of us agree that Viaduct Bridge (GCXM0K) is a favorite. We did this one with the HolyCowboys. Moe 2 got to use his 4 wheel drive on the way up to the cache. We bravely walked across a very high bridge and then thru a long dark damp bat infested tunnel. We waved to a lot of friendly 4 wheelers and we saw a bench mark on the way to the tunnel. Last but not least THE GIRLS found the cache!

Most challenging cache (mentally or physically)?
Mentally: Crossword Crosswalk (GCJTAW), Four Corners at Penn State (GCXE51), and Tower Overlord (GCNCJR)

Physically: Thousand Steps (GC59AF)

Do you have a good caching story that you can share?
Trying to do Captain Jack's Cache (GC88F0) at night with flashlights. The next day we returned and saw how dangerous this one was to do at night!

What is the favorite cache you've placed (if you have)?
This is an easy question… it has to be Tudek Loop (GCWW0Q). Tudek is our first cache. We worked hard on the final container. We put an almost there log book in this cache. A lot of great cachers large and small have found Tudek Loop!

What are you ultimate caching goals (location, milestone, experience, etc)?
To be the next team to complete the Pennsylvania DeLorme Challenge! Watch out IV_Warrior, DocDiTTo, and LadeBear68 we're right behind you!