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Century Club:

Have you hit a milestone cache yet? 100, 200, 300, etc!!! If you have and would like to share your experiences please let us know. Simply post a note to the BB and let us know that you want to be included. Please share any experiences you had reaching a milestone cache.

IV_Warrior's Milestone Caches.

100th find: Angora Cache [GCG6TD](Pennsylvania)

200th find: Covered Bridges #4 (Bridges of Perry County) [GC6506](Pennsylvania)

300th find: In the drink [GCE0FD] (Maryland)

400th find: Norry Tourist Cache #2 [GCJDQF] (Pennsylvania)

500th find: Tuscarora State Park or Forest? [GCK11M] (Pennsylvania)

600th find: 2005 Cache Across Maryland [GCMZEC] (Maryland)

700th find: Higher Ground -- Legion Park [GCPH9F] (Pennsylvania)

800th find: Bottled Balls [GCJ96H] (New York)

900th find: ICU [GCKJG5] (Arizona)

"CAM 2005 was quite the experience. Finding the 10 required caches was a 2 weekend adventure, involving over 1000 miles of driving. It was my first CAM experience, and something I'd recommend everyone try at least once. I met more cachers on the trail during CAM than any other time, and the final picnic was a great time sharing experiences with the 10 required caches as well as caching in general."

av8tors32 Milestone caches.
Hit 200 with the Thousand Steps Cache!

PeachyPa Milestone caches
My 200th find came on Sept. 9th outside of Winchester, VA, at the location of The Battle of Cedar Creek, a Civil War battle site. There are re-enactments there every year. We had a friend along that had expressed an interest in geocaching. We found three that afternoon.

The Seven G's Milestone caches
Our 200th came August 19th in Utah. This really was a top-notch, urban-ish cache, and a great cache to mark our 200th find. G1 & G2 enjoyed the container as much as any other "more challenging" cache. We'll probably copy the idea in this area some day. We didn't really expect to find it in the dark (we arrived about midnight), but did.

#300 Faithful Sudoku

2 guys named moe Milestone caches
Our 100th cache was The Magic Flute (GCTMD9) on September 10, 2006. We loved the cache and the container.
200th find: Coopersmith - Droplet # 3 (GCJFB1) - pretty area. This cache was found while Moe1 was out of town on business. It was hidden by local (State College area) cachers which just goes to show you what a small world it really is!

300th find: Pizza and Posies (GC1243K) - The pizza here is very good and yes MICROs can be good too!

400th find: Ridge and Valley (GC14VH7) - We did this one with George1. This was the 400th find for both George and 2 Guys Named Moe. This milestone started us on the idea of doing earthcaches for our 100th milestones.

#500 Three Rivers Rise (GC10Y25)

George1 Milestone caches
400 - Ridge and Valley (GC1243K)
500 - Three Rivers Rise (GC10Y25) - done with the aid of lots of techy equipment and lots of necco's!

TandDJay Milestone caches
I made it to 100 finds by the end of the year. Not too shabby for not getting into geocaching until April! LOL It's quickly become an obsession. I decided on Killbuck Cache (GCVY5F) for the milestone. Wow! A great choice in all respects.

tomfuller and Quill Milestone caches
Greetings from Oregon! Since I worked for over 35 years in the Bald Eagle State Forest, I decided to make my #99 and 100 caches there. My # 100 cache was Hobo Vista, Valley View (GCG4GK) on August 31, 2006 which was the first anniversary of my first cache find in Oregon. 2006 was a very busy caching year for me. I found caches in 8 states and the District of Columbia. I also completed Counting Counties in Oregon (GCR9XY) tied for first place.

#200 was Fool-A-Palooza II - Spring Rites (Event Cache) GC10TJ5, Where we found parts of tricycles as a team then assembled and rode them blindfolded with a navigator directing on 3/31/07.

Our #300 was Shelter from the Storm GCW4WP on August 28 on a cliff near the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon.

#500 GCMBHD Holey Wildflower Walk

Ridgerunner144 Milestone Caches

100 was mary's Mysterious Demise (GCRW2A)
200 was Last Stop at the Gap (GC16CR8)

mi15Tom Milestone Caches

100 was Walk Like an Egyptian